Saved-N-Cute is for women who love God and love to serve His people. We also have a passion for makeup. Makeup enhances the natural beauty we were all born with.


Saved-N-Cute was created to be a network of women who are active in ministry while keeping it cute! We believe it is ok to look good while serving God and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Saved-N-Cute serves to share the good news along with beauty tips. We are committed to teaching other women the fundamentals of makeup and salvation. We will always rely on the scriptures for our basic living principles.


Saved-N-Cute offers makeup tutorials, apparels, and faith-based literature to encourage and inspire women around the world to live a saved life that honors God. We will always spread the message God's love and salvation is for all. We are a community of women who strives to live whole and holy lives.

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